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Hair Back App introduces a groundbreaking AI-powered feature for realistic post-hair transplant simulations. Experience month-by-month trans­formations, personalized aftercare plans, and engage with a supportive community. Revolutionize your hair restoration journey with innovation and empowerment.
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4.5 out of 5

Base on 126 reviews

Impressed by the realistic hair transplant simulation! It helped me visualize potential results. The community support is invaluable. A must-have app for those considering hair restoration. Thanks Anas for the consultation!

John Smith
John Smith

New York, USA

Joined the community and found a supportive space for hair loss discussions. The app's commitment to fostering a positive environment makes it stand out. Highly recommend for camaraderie.

Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson

Amsterdam, NL

The app offers more than just a simulation—it's an interactive experience. From tracking progress to engaging with a lively community, it's a comprehensive solution for anyone dealing with hair loss.

David Martinez
David Martinez

Cork, IE

Beyond the simulation, the app provides valuable resources on hair loss solutions. Educational content is well-curated, making it a go-to for those seeking information and support in their journey.

Emily Thompson
Emily Thompson

Toronto, CA

Love the intuitive design! Getting the hair transplant simulation was seamless. The community is a great bonus for sharing tips and experiences.

Michael Davis
Michael Davis

Sydney, AU

Hair transplant aftercare plan

Your Personalised Hair Back Plan

  • Get the best possible results

    Get reminders for when to take your medication, when to take off the scabs, etc.

  • Keep track of your progress

    Easily document your progress by taking pictures on set dates.

  • Easily talk to your clinic**

    Questions or concerns? Talk to your hair transplant clinic's aftercare coordinator right away and share pictures.

** Contact the hair back assistant for a list of supported (and recommended) hair transplant clinics.

Hair Back App Community

  • Hair Loss Problems

    Discuss your problems, solutions and what you've tried to address your hair loss. In the feed, private groups or one-on-one with an expert.

  • Post-Hair Transplant Advice

    Get quick answers from people who are a few weeks ahead of you - who knows better than them?

  • Clinic Experiences

    Had a very good, or a very bad experience? Share it in the community and hear stories from others! You're not alone.

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